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Review of the Suzuki Philosophy

All children can learn well

We accept all children and develop talent in all children. We believe in all children.

Ability is developed early

It is never too late, but earlier is better. Music becomes a natural part of your child’s life and is learned as another language.

The environment nurtures growth

Instead of thinking, “How can I change my child?” We should think, “How can I change the environment to produce the desired result?"

Children learn from one another

Group classes, recitals and concerts are important. Even if your child is not participating actively, your child is always assimilating, absorbing and learning.

Success breeds success

When one step is mastered the next step is prepared and can also be mastered with ease. These small incremental steps guarantee success.

Parent participation is essential

Babies learn to speak because of the constant stimulation of the adults around them. When you show a real interest in what your child is doing, your child is motivated to continue.

It is important to praise your children

Sincere praise motivates. We all like to do what we can do well.

Step by step

Learning music, like learning language is a gradual process. Ability is developed little by little. We teach by presenting little steps that should be thoroughly mastered before going on to the next.

Every child at his own pace

In language learning we understand that every baby learns at his or her own pace. In music it is exactly the same. Some children advance quickly and others slowly. We must not compare. We have to appreciate each child and his or her rate of learning.

Through music we can create a better world

Dr. Suzuki’s objective was not only to teach music but through music to create a better world. He often said, “Character first, then music." And my favorite Dr. Suzuki quote, “Where love is deep, much will be accomplished.”

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