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Back to Basics

Welcome to a new school year! After much training this past summer I am excited to implement improvements into my studio. We will do so in little increments so we can all be successful in helping the students be better musicians and people. Each month we will focus on a specific goal for the parent and for the student.

For the students this this upcoming month(s) (end of August – September) focus is on

· posture

· prepare

· wait

· play

Hopefully both you and I will incorporate those steps into every piece the student plays, so s/he can be prepared for success even before the piece starts.

For the parents in this upcoming month(s) (end of August – September) we will be focusing on getting back to the basics.

Play the CD for your child every day

Believe that “every child can” – including yours

Take notes at lessons (Bring a three ring binder).

I will be handing out a “responsibilities of parents” and "the parents pledge" sheets to you at lessons this week. If you would like to further your education on the Mother Tongue approach, the Every Child Can philosophy, or the role of a Suzuki parent there are a number of excellent resources.

Books (I have all of these that you can look at):

Ability Development from Age Zero by Shinichi Suzuki

Nurtures by Love by Shinichi Suzuki

Every Child Can by the Suzuki Association of the Americas

Web Pages/Blogs:

Suzuki Association of the Americas

Articles for Parents

About the Suzuki Method

Suzuki Approach

Mother tongue approach

Mother tongue approach

The Parents Pledge

I’m looking forward to a new year and the privilege of working with you and your students starting this week.

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