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The Purpose

As I was writing a parent email this morning I started thinking about not just the process of what we are doing, but the objectives and the purpose of what we are doing working together to help your children learn to play the piano. What I wrote seemed very meaningful at the time so I want to share it with you here.

"My goal is to provide students with a high quality musical instruction so that they have the foundation to enjoy and create music for the rest of their lives. I want students to feel the satisfaction of success. I want them to experience the joy of hearing yourself play something that is beautiful and realizing that your efforts helped to create that. Music adds an element to our lives that can be found in no other way. It touches our hearts, minds, and souls. It brings us together with other people and bonds us as human beings.

I know these are lofty goals and ideas that the students won’t necessarily understand or express for many years to come, but together with the daily work we do with each student we are making small steps in this direction. Remember that when practice gets hard and you or your student just doesn’t feel like doing it anymore. There is a grander goal than “getting this rhythm right” or “making sure the first beat gets the most emphasis” but that these little steps add to what will someday bring both you and your child great satisfaction and potentially even great joy."

That is my wish for each of you and your students - the satisfaction, joy, and transcendent feeling that only music can bring.

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